Gossypium hirsutum

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native tropical American plant now cultivated in the United States yielding short-staple cotton

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2003) tambem relataram reducao na espessura do PP quando plantulas de Gossypium hirsutum foram submetidas a UV-B; trata-se de uma resposta que, provavelmente, contribui para reducao da atividade fotossintetica da planta, pela especialidade deste tecido, sendo uma resposta comum quando plantas sao submetidas a doses de UV (CALDWELL et al.
Sequences used were from a broad selection of plants, including those corresponding to the results of the amino acid BLAST search above, except that nucleotide sequences precisely corresponding to the amino acid sequences of Gossypium hirsutum Q6VAG0 and Chlamydomonas reinhardtii P09204 could not be located in GenBank.
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In the United States, we grow primarily Gossypium hirsutum cotton, some 12.