Gossypium barbadense

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small bushy tree grown on islands of the Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of the southern United States

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Comparative Sequence Analysis of Actin Related Gene Family Isolated from Gossypium barbadense.
Around 1820, the jumel variety of Gossypium barbadense was introduced into Egypt.
Familia Especie Nombre comun Amaranthaceae Alternanthera halimifolia hierba blanca Anacardiaceae Schinus molle molle, pimiento Asteraceae Baccharis petiolata chilca Grindelia glutinosa chilca Pluchea absinthioides brea Pluchea chingoyo chilca Trixis cacalioides chilca Bignoniaceae Tecoma fulva chuve Boraginaceae Heliotropium curassavicum Caesalpiniaceae Caesalpinia gilliesii tara Malvaceae Gossypium barbadense algodon Mimosaceae Acacia maerocantha yaro Prosopis tamarugo tamarugo Prosopis chilensis algarrobo Papilionaceae Geoffroea decorticans chanar Salicaceae Salix humboldtiana carza, Sauce Verbenaceae Phyla canescens tiquil tiqui Tabla 2.
For example, the white lint gene of the donor parent was favored over brown lint alleles of the recipient parent in backcrosses from Gossypium barbadense into G.
Modern varieties of Pima cotton, Gossypium barbadense, are better suited for desert areas than older varieties, partly because they transpire more water.
Gossypium virus-1 has been reported as causative viral agent for Cotton leaf curl and first report was documented in Nigeria infecting Gossypium barbadense L.
Egyptian cotton, Gossypium barbadense, boasts a resistance to Verticillium wilt disease that U.
Li (2007) QTL mapping for economic trails based on a dense genetic map of cotton with PCR-based markers using the interspecific cross of Gossypium hirsutum A- Gossypium barbadense.
A combined RFLP-SSRAFLP map of tetraploid cotton based on a Gossypium hirsutum x Gossypium barbadense backcross population.
Influence of soil and foliar applications of potassium fertilization on growth, yield and fiber quality traits in two Gossypium barbadense L.
QTL mapping for economic traits based on a dense Genetic map of cotton with PCR-based markers using the interspecific cross of Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium barbadense.