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Jonathan Wendel provided guidance with taxonomic aspects pertinent to Ipomoea and Gossypium, respectively.
A higher-end cotton called Gossypium barbadense is more desirable because of greater fiber length and strength but is late-maturing, low-yielding and more difficult to grow because it requires dry climates with significant irrigation and is less resistant to pathogens and pests.
g, Gossypium hirsutum, cotton), few studies have been conducted on non-agricultural Malvaceae, and there is no study of photosynthetic rates of Malvaviscus.
The genus Gossypium of the Malvaceae (mallow family) comprises 45 diploid and at least of 5 tetraploids species (Fryxell, 1992).
It will also feature clothes and accessories from Gossypium, FiveG at Debenhams, Liv, Komodo, Bishopston Trading, Exclusive Roots, Epona, M&S, Tearcraft, Favela, Trash Blooms, Hole Button Jewellery, Skrunch and Made in Coventry.
Four years ago, just four women worked at Pratibha, a garments factory which produces Fairtrade products for clients as diverse as Pants to Poverty, Tesco, George at Asda and Gossypium.
INCI: Ethylhexyl stearate; sorbitan laurate; phenoxyethanol; gossypium herbaceum (cotton) seed oil; polyglyceryl-4 laurate; dilauryl citrate
It is a ready-to-use liquid oil phase based on the oil components ethylhexyl stearate and gossypium herbaceum (cotton) seed oil, a PEG-free emulsifier combination and phenoxyethanol.
Molecular evidence for homoploid reticulate evolution among Australian species of Gossypium.
Characteristics, development and mapping of Gossypium hirsutum derived EST-SSRs in aliotetraploid cotton.
2003) tambem relataram reducao na espessura do PP quando plantulas de Gossypium hirsutum foram submetidas a UV-B; trata-se de uma resposta que, provavelmente, contribui para reducao da atividade fotossintetica da planta, pela especialidade deste tecido, sendo uma resposta comum quando plantas sao submetidas a doses de UV (CALDWELL et al.
GOSSYPIUM Gossypium began in 1998 when two textile technologists, Abigail Garner and Thomas Petit, got together sharing the belief that many steps in the manufacture and sale of clothing were outdated or unnecessary.
2 The term is derived from the Latin word gossypium, meaning "cotton," and the Kiswahili word boma, which means "place of concealment.
The fashion show included clothes by Traidcraft, People Tree and Gossypium.