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a preacher of the Christian gospel

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Silcox, a True Social Gospeller (1847-1933)," Journal of the Canadian Church Historical Society, 45 (2003): 31-64.
In other words, for some social gospellers the movement of Christians in the social realm was justified by a racist sense of manifest destiny by which white Christians in the United States were recognized as God's chosen people, divinely selected to dominant the earth.
They failed because social gospellers like Reinhold Niebuhr came to recognize -- in the face of Nazism and Stalinism -- that no amount of social amelioration could eradicate the reality of evil and that over-involvement in politics and complicity with the state diminished religion's uniquely authoritative voice in matters of public morality.
The hot gospellers were better at everything, including felling a tree, and it looked as if their opponents did not have a prayer.
For despite unjustified attacks from crackpot politicians, spinning civil servants, a hostile media and an army of self appointed consumer gospellers, it's still delivering the world's most efficient food and drink service.
The 19th-century liberals and Social Gospellers too easily reconciled their horizons with those of the New Testament.
The literature on social Christianity in dealing with the alliances that developed between labour and the churches has centred on the "radical" social gospellers in the West--namely J.
In exactly the same way that the Gospellers chronicle the presence of Mary Magdalene as the only non-family person present, so the reporters of local newspapers,in the olden days, would always have made a point in adding in their report ``And also present,at the house, was Mrs Emily Williams, No.
Where Maud Charlesworth-Booth through the use of Chautaqua-style lectures presented the "Sister of the Slums" as a Christian model of the "the new woman" of the 1890s, a decade later the visionary Booth-Tucker's, motivated by the discussion on pauperism between social gospellers and urban reformers, established farm colonies for the urban poor.
Ads feature the Aero Hot Gospellers bursting into song.
That was a perspective he shared with social gospellers like J.
On the radio a lady was complaining because these days do not have names, so may I suggest naming four of them after the four great gospellers of the New Testament (of Commerce): Barclay, Lloyd, Midland and Westminster, the last name being doubly appropr iate.
44) Social Gospellers placed as great emphasis on the historical life of Jesus and the implications His life had for social and economic improvement on earth, as they did on His supernatural nature.