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Russian writer of plays and novels and short stories

an industrial city in the European part of Russia

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Las continuas apelaciones de Maximo Gorki y de Anatoli Lunacharski, comisario de Educacion, Arte y Cultura, ya no surtian efecto sobre Lenin.
From the point of view of international law, this is absolutely unacceptable," Medvedev said in the interview at his suburban Gorki residence.
Medvedev dans la residence presidentielle de Gorki, dans la banlieue de la capitale russe.
Gorki, Safar 18, 1433, Jan 12, 2012, SPA -- The Russian economy in 2011 showed exceptional growth rates, probably, the best over years, President Dmitry Medvedev said.
Meeting women's representatives at the Gorki presidential residence near Moscow, Medvedev said that as a schoolboy he had mainly listened to rock music and hard rock.
Shah Hussain, Shah Latif Bhatai, Rehman Baba, Jam Durrak, Sachal Sami, Bulleh Shah, Ahmad Rahi, Faiz, Gulkhan Naseer, Ghani Khan, Sheikh Ayaz and then of Lorka, Gorki, Neruda, Nazim Hikmat and Ilya Ehrenberg are of the links of the same chain, he added.
Gorki Aguila is blunt in his assessment of Fidel Castro's half-century of revolution: "Communism is a failure.
1924- Vladimir Lenin, father of the Russian Revolution, died of a brain haemorrhage at Gorki, outside Moscow.
One needn't go to Berlin's Maxim Gorki Theater to see Lutz Hubner's Bank Play to understand the message sent to all by the scandal of Bankgesellschaft Berlin.
The link between all these characters is the figure of the real-life painter Arshile Gorki (Simon Abkarian).
In "Thinking of Gorki While Clearing a Trail," she acknowledges her debt to Gorki: "a century later I carry him / like a pocket guide on this secret trail.
Only some years later, when the Ukraine was liberated, did they succeed in finding him and he rejoined the family in Gorki.
Born in the Gorki Region of Russia in 1958, Anufriev graduated from college in Gorodetz in 1978 with a degree in painting.