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(Greek mythology) any of three winged sister monsters and the mortal Medusa who had live snakes for hair

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With global demand for LNG forecast to triple by 2030, the Gorgon project will be a critical supply source in meeting this future demand, particularly for the economies in the fast growing Asia-Pacific region," ExxonMobil senior executive Neil Duffin said.
No Chinese officials or media attended Tuesday's tightly controlled signing ceremony in Beijing for the Gorgon deal, which was attended by Resources Minister Martin Ferguson.
Just don't be tempted to suggest a surgery visit when she's in Gorgon mode
Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) today announced a natural gas discovery by its Australian subsidiary in the Greater Gorgon Area of the Carnarvon Basin, offshore Western Australia.
6 million tonne a year Gorgon project is Chevron's largest single resource project and is expected to be operational by the end of calendar 2015.
6 million tonnes per annum Gorgon LNG project, to $54 billion for a similar-sized project ($3,500/T), hence Yamal LNG looks (around) 45 per cent lower-cost," Bernstein said.
The United States Air Force (USAF)'s Gorgon Stare (GS) Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance System, was developed by the SNC-led, best-of-breed industry team under the USAF/Big Safari rapid acquisition program, and has been flying operational missions since April, 2011.
He said: "We are winning more and more business on the strength of the Gorgon project - there are not many other projects of that scale in the world.
The firm is to provide engineering information management (EIM) services and software solutions for the massive Gorgon Project operated by Chevron Australia Property.
GE Oil & Gas has again been selected to support development of Gorgon, one of the world's largest untapped natural gas fields, which also features one of the word's largest carbondioxide (C[O.
These contracts will deliver in the order of 70 billion dollars worth of exports to Australia over the next 25 years," Rudd told parliament, adding that the gas would come from the Gorgon field off Western Australia.
Chevron has entered three binding sales agreements to supply in total nearly 3 million tons a year of LNG from its proposed Gorgon project to Japan's Osaka Gas Co.
Welcoming the agreement, Australia's Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson AM MP said: "This deal, worth more than AUD 25 billion over 20 years, represents the dawning of a new trading partnership between Australia and India, and brings the Gorgon gas development yet another step closer to fruition".
The LNG to be purchased will be produced at the Gorgon gas field off the coast of northwestern Australia, the Japanese gas producer said.
So after a full decade of the adventures of part-time publicist and full-time wanna-be Edina (played by Jennifer Saunders) and her Gorgon fashionista best pal, Patsy (Joanna Lumley), writer-creator Saunders has come up with file perfect way to keep the show fresh without totally overhauling it.