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United States writer (born in 1925)

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Gore Vidal, who has died at the age of 86, existed at the very vortex of where politics, literature, fashion, intellectualism, sex, film, pop culture, mass media and journalism met, mixed and coalesced during the 20th century.
It was a delight to read the interview with Gore Vidal.
VOICES FOR IMPEACHMENT" evening program featuring DANIEL ELLSBERG, MICHAEL RATNER, JOHN NICHOLS, CINDY SHEEHAN, DEBRA SWEET, video message from GORE VIDAL, 7pm, Thursday, National Press Club, 529 14th Street NW
There is a Gore Vidal suite in the plush Oriental Hotel in Bangkok.
In December 2000, Gore Vidal, termed America's master essayist by The Washington Post, told "irregularly elected" President-elect George W.
GORE VIDAL is arguably the best American essayist of our time (National Book Award for United States: Essays 1952-1992).
An astute a political observer as American author and columnist Gore Vidal was yesterday claiming that Blair's pro-War tendency was certain to rid the world of TWO regimes - Saddam's and his own.
In Gore Vidal, again, Hitchens finds creative dissonances that provide much pleasure.
No members of his family will be there, but novelist Gore Vidal will be present at the condemned man's invitation.
But as Gore Vidal and historian Carolyn Eisenberg have pointed out, the Alliance came into being only because the United States and Britain decided to renege on the Yalta and Potsdam agreements they made with the Soviet Union.
As I went over the transcript of the interview with Gore Vidal and the rest of the issue at hand developed, I noticed a more rebellious and even malcontent humanism emerging, quite noticeably in the profile of Albert Camus.
London, Oct 30 (ANI): Noted writer Gore Vidal has come under fire for calling Roman Polanski's teenaged unlawful sex victim a "young hooker".
GORE VIDAL is America's premier man of letters," says Jay Parini in his introduction to The Selected Essays of Gore Vidal, and if after reading Vidal on William Dean Howells, Tennessee Williams, various dead Kennedys, and "American sissy" Theodore Roosevelt the reader denies it--well, hie on back to the MFA prison.
IT IS HARD TO KNOW what history will make of Gore Vidal.
Jarecki's film interviews those on the left -- author Gore Vidal -- and right (the Weekly Standard, William Kristol), but the most interesting conversation is with a retired New York policeman and Vietnam veteran named Wilton Sekzer, who lost his son (also a cop) on 9/11 and supported the war in Iraq because he believed President Bush's assertion linking the New York terrorist attack with the invasion.