Gordon Howe

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Canadian hockey player who holds the record for playing the most games (born 1928)

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Victor brings a tremendous amount of media experience to Smith & Nephew as the company seeks to raise its profile in key markets around the world," said Gordon Howe, senior vice president of strategy and business development.
Student nurse Gordon Howe said: "I don't think this is gruesome or offensive.
Gordon Howe, of the Gower Society, during the consultation, has called for "more unambiguous wording" in the new master plan about large-scale renewable energy schemes, such as wind farms not being welcome in Gower.
Coastguard Gordon Howe said: "She's an amazing woman.
Asked if there was a place for contemporary-style homes on the Gower, Gordon Howe, of the Gower Society, said: "Yes, there is, but they have to be in the right location.