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any very difficult problem

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an intricate knot tied by Gordius, the king of Phrygia, and cut by the sword of Alexander the Great after he heard that whoever undid it would become ruler of Asia

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The Life Cycle of a Horsehair Worm, Gordius robustus (Nematomorpha: Gordioidea).
In contrast, representatives of the genus Gordius are comparably poor in cuticular structures.
Both genera, Gordius and Gordionus, are comparably species-rich, with about 60 and 46 described species, respectively.
However, Gordius wasn't as generous as it might seem, as the knot was actually impossible to untie: It was made from a piece of rope whose two ends had been spliced together (arguably a good analogy to the outsourcing model in place today).
The original Gordian knot, by the way, was tied by Gordius who attached the yoke of his chariot to the axle tree in such a manner that the ends of the cords could not be perceived.
These search algorithms have been used as part of systems such as CHEF (Hammond 1990), GORDIUS (Simmons 1988), LS-ADJUST-PLAN (Gerevini and Serina 2000), MRL (Koehler 1994), NOLIMIT (Veloso 1994), PLEXUS (Alterman 1988), PRIAR (Kambhampati and Hendler 1992), and SPA (Hanks and Weld 1995).
Key Words: Gordius difficilis, Gordius robustus, Phylum Nematomorpha, Lepomis megalotis, Salmo trutta, Centrarchidae, Salmonidae, Minnesota, Missouri
In addition, Bolek and Coggins (2002) removed three Gordius difficilis from the intestines of two green frogs (Rana clamitans), but they did not indicate whether they thought that the worms were preyed upon directly or had been present initially in other invertebrates consumed by the frogs.
Davis DE357: Stanley Cohen (904) 445-6254 USS Gordius ARL-36: Gerry Remley (717) 898-8731; e-mail: gyelmer@aol.
As an offering, Gordius tied his plow to the temple of Apollo with a knot so cunning that the ends of the rope were hidden.
The Greek myth of King Gordius held that whoever could untie his knot, tied between a pole and the yoke of an ox cart, would rule all of Asia.
Wayne Wilson, Gordius Consulting, LLC has more than 14 years of experience in public accounting, consulting, and finance.
Gordius robustus and Paragordius varius, appear to be more widespread than others.
KINGWOOD, Texas -- Two prominent Houston-area litigation support experts have opened a niche litigation, forensic accounting, business valuation, and crisis management consulting firm, Gordius Consulting LLC.
Gordius Consulting is a firm of accounting and finance experts who provide: quantum analysis and damages reporting during the course of international arbitrations; domestic dispute consulting and expert witness testimony; business and asset valuations; bankruptcy/workout consulting services for clients facing bankruptcy, financial distress, or cash flow difficulties; forensic accounting and fraud investigations, including accounting restatements, transactional analysis, and FCPA compliance; business interruption cases that involve claim preparation, analysis, and rebuttal; and crisis management/construction management accounting which may include cost tracking, grant documentation, reimbursements, and insurance claims.