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If one applies Hutcheon's judgement to literary adaptation, I think that non-classicist readers would rather opt for discovering the world of Cicero via the (mis)adventures of Gordianus the Finder than struggling through Cicero's courtroom speeches.
Golding wasn't the first novelist to depict mantic inspiration in antiquity: Steven Saylor's Arms of Nemesis (1992) springs to mind, in which Gordianus the Finder encounters the Sibyl at Cumae, (33) and the title of Hillary Bailey's Cassandra betrays its prophetic theme.
On the eve of a civil war, a beautiful young seeress falls dead into the arms of Gordianus the Finder.
Here was the aureus of Gordianus II, who was killed two weeks after enthronement, the only other example of this coin residing in the British museum.
GORDIANUS is the Inspector Morse of ancient Rome - a man with a nose for sniffing out mysteries and uncovering villains.