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extremely intricate

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10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Peter Kaufman and Henry Owsley, President and CEO, respectively of New York based investment bank Gordian Group have completed the second edition of their definitive book, Distressed Investment Banking: To the Abyss and Back (Beard Books).
The Gordian Group is committed to continuing developmentand enhancement of the RSMeans Online platform to providecontractors, facility owners and managers, architects, andengineers with accurate, dependable, and up-to-date construction data, tools and features that respond to theneeds of customers.
Contact Gordian Strapping on tel 01256 394400 or visit www.
Analyzing the two-decade long name dispute, Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski vesnik that the most responsible leaders of the moment--Samaras and Gruevski are well-aware that this is an impossible mission and that nobody can cut this Gordian knot.
PRESIDENT Nicos Anastasiades said last night the return of the fenced area of Famagusta (Varosha) was a priority and not a slogan, and is perhaps "the knife that will cut the Gordian Knot" of the Cyprus problem.
A major provider of pricing data, procurement software and services for the infrastructure industry and facility owners, the Gordian Group, has announced the launch of a safe, streamlined, online procurement process, called as BIDsafe.
Which soldier was said to have cut the Gordian Knot?
The Gordian Group, a leading provider of construction pricing data, procurement software and services for the construction industry and public agencies, announced today the appointment of Louis Patin as new Pacific South Region Manager.
The recent decision the New South Wales Court of Appeal in Gordian Runoff Limited v Westport Insurance Corporation [2010] NSWCA 57 1 confirmed that there are only limited grounds for an appeal from an arbitral award and has held that an arbitrator, unlike a judge, is not required to provide detailed reasons of the award.
Most were minted in the name of the emperor Gordian II (238-244) and his wife Tranquillina, but some for Gordian I and II, Pupienus, and Balbinus.
A Gordian worm grows up inside an insect, then leads its host to drown itself so the worm can free itself.
The entanglements of campaign contributions are indeed so twisted and thorny that they appear to be a modern equivalent of the legendary Gordian Knot.
Rather than attempting to untie one of sociologists' Gordian knots by offering an abstract, quantitative definition of the middle class, Maureen O'Doughtery looked to her informants for an answer.
The whole question of electronic privacy is like a Gordian knot," Casti said.