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Synonyms for agora

100 agorot equal 1 shekel in Israel

the marketplace in ancient Greece

a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece

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Production of the first gold at Belaya Gora is scheduled for Apr 2013.
We will be teaching the children some techniques and small tricks," says Gora.
uk) offers a week at Kranjska Gora at Hotel Alpina, on a half board basis in February 2012, from pounds 492pp, with flights ex-Manchester to Salzburg and bus transfer was all go
With intermediate runs peaking at around 1,550m, large amounts of cheap accommodation and low-cost flights into Ljubljana from all over the UK, Kranjska Gora is definitely a resort for families.
We stayed in the four-star Hotel Kompas in Kranjska Gora, which is as good as a comparable hotel anywhere.
seven days half board in the four-star Hotel Kompas in Kranjska Gora, including direct flights with Adria Airways from Manchester to Ljubljana and transfers.
Mary Hendry, managing director of Key Personnel, with Sebastian Gora, from Rybnik, in Poland
In their meetings and letters, Gora challenged Gandhi's conservatism in regard to caste and thus played a role in Gandhi's liberalization and secularization during his later years.
On November 18, the army reached Jasna Gora and demanded the sanctuary's immediate surrender.
Gora and her partner Joseph Klaynberg, and their first out-of-ground construction together.
Robson booked his place in the semi-finals by finishing fifth at Terenzano in Italy on Saturday night, but Harris bowed out after mustering only three points in yesterday's round at Zielona Gora in Poland.
His first book of short slories, Izvidnica (The Reconnaissance Patrol), appeared in 1948, but it was not until a series of novels--Svadba (The Wedding, 1950), Zlo proljece (The Evil Spring, 1953), Raskid (The Break, 1955), Hajka (The Chase, 1960), and his best work Lelejska gora (Leleja Mountain, 1957, 1962)--that he received universal recognition as one of the best living Serbian writers.
Slovenia, the tiny country on the sunny side of the Alps, offers the picture postcard-resort of Lake Bled plus Lake Bohinj and Kranjksa Gora.
Skanska (STO:SKAB) has been contracted to construct a recreation and sport center in Zielona Gora, Poland.
Gas 3 and Szczawno Zdroj) Surveillance ordinary protected in the following towns Chojnw, Chynw, Gubin, Jelenia Gora, Jeleniw-Godziszow, Kielczw Piecowice, Kotowice, Lubiechw, Lubomysl, Olszyniec, Szczawno Zdroj, Walbrzych, Wroclaw, Zielona Gora, Zgorzelec, Zukowice).