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For males, we classified gophers as adults if the testes were longer than 3 mm (Pitts et al.
Michael Junge, who has been trapping gophers for the past two decades and catches about 15 a day, stores the feet in a freezer in his garage.
The plains pocket gophers (Geomys bursarius) is a species of special concern in Indiana due to a limited distribution in grassland physiographic regions of northwest Indiana (Fig.
Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley, California, has a gopher problem.
Herein, descriptions are provided of different age classes of nestling Baird's pocket gophers in Arkansas.
In the wake of your dog's excavations, you may have to fill in a few craters here and there, but at least the gophers will be gone.
Larry's note about putting strychnine underground and the gophers pushing the product to the surface: make sure the pesticide is well inside the tunnel and close off the entrance with a rock or dirt.
One little pocket gopher can move as much as a ton of soil in a year.
Today some claim that hawks, foxes and weasels are killed when they eat gophers poisoned with strychnine.
By the time he returns home, injured and saddened, he has learned that contentment and happiness are more important than wealth and things, but he cannot bring himself to see his mother or play with other gophers again.
The Gophers won, I had friends visiting from out of town and I won a driveway that my family and I really needed.
The Spartans and Hawkeyes handed Minnesota two of its three losses this season, in part by being the only two teams to hold the Gophers to less than 200 rushing yards.
Then he became a huge hit in kids' show Going Live, sparking sales of thousands of squeaky gophers across the UK.
Coupled with the wolf question is that of the destruction of crops by gophers, which is the direct cause of the greater financial loss to the Territories as a whole, than the losses suffered by our ranchers through the depredations committed by wolves.
The term "gopher" originated with its creators at the University of Minnesota, home of the Gophers athletic teams.