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something in a thin curved form (like the neck of a goose)

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She faces a few scares along the way and stops over at Andy's apartment in Florida for a couple of days before heading for Gooseneck.
long hydraulic gooseneck with XL's low-profile design, which is popular for its front-loading advantage.
Different lengths for the gooseneck can be provided upon request as well as standard “White” light can be ordered too.
Nitinol gooseneck snare for removal of foreign bodies: Experimental study and clinical evaluation.
The bulb is in a gooseneck lamp (so they can't see it), but 95% or more of the patients go weak when it is turned on.
He rejoined the track, but it all ended for him two laps later when a bid to take third place ended up with him riding across the grass at the Gooseneck section of the track and then he collided with another bike as he tried to rejoin the race.
The Ultimate Tow Machine, the second special edition model, features a gooseneck hitch, running boards, retractable bed step, heavy-duty splash guards, slush mats and UConnect Internet.
Both models have noise-canceling microphones filters out unwanted background noise and gooseneck mic tubes that ensures consistent, proper, and kink-free microphone placement.
When checking the auxiliary power unit (APU) hydraulic reservoir level on the semitrailer's gooseneck, a lot of operators just take a quick look at the indicator tube.
When the front end or cable becomes worn, welding operators can double the life of their gun by removing the trigger switch and gooseneck and flip-flopping them to the back end.
Other features include 1080p HDMI output, an audio/video processor for full-frame video recording, a built-in microphone, 3x optical zoom, SXGA output with extended gooseneck, and a double Lamp design.
The 150ft-tall gooseneck cranes at Cavendish Quay in Birkenhead Docks were brought down early yesterday morning, behind a wide safety cordon strictly imposed by Merseyside Police and the Port of Liverpool Police.
His company, Gooseneck Productions, spent pounds 420,411 last year.
It has vans to deliver smaller items such as core samples, and it has 40-foot gooseneck trailers to deliver pipe.
The Jet Airways operated 737-800 also features 110-VAC power outlets throughout the cabin, as well as gooseneck personal reading lights in business class.