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Synonyms for gooseberry

spiny Eurasian shrub having greenish purple-tinged flowers and ovoid yellow-green or red-purple berries

currant-like berry used primarily in jams and jellies

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99) has herbaceous and grassy aromas, with flavours of elderflowers, gooseberries and lemon curd.
This is a disease that effectively killed the commercial growing of gooseberries in the UK and turned the fruit from a national favourite into an unusual novelty.
Eric is an expert on gooseberries and his advice is sought from enthusiasts all around the world.
Chicken escalopes need a tangy accompaniment - and nothing fits the bill like gooseberries.
Give gooseberries 2ozs sulphate of potash per bush and spray against American gooseberry mildew as flowers open.
Gooseberries also have a short season which starts at the end of June and finishes at the end of this month.
and enjoy your bumper crop of gooseberries later in the year.
You will need 1 onion, finely chopped, 1 tbsp yellow mustard seeds, 1 tsp all-spice, 200ml (7fl oz) white wine vinegar, 175g (6oz) caster sugar, 900g (2 lbs) gooseberries and the juice of two limes.
Place the gooseberries in a stainless-steel saucepan, add the granulated sugar and heat until the fruit starts to burst.
GOOSEBERRY, ELDERFLOWER AND VANILLA FOOL (Serves 6) 300g gooseberries, topped and tailed 2tbsp caster sugar 3tbsp elderflower cordial 300ml double cream ' vanilla extract 250ml fresh vanilla custard (buy in tubs from the chiller cabinet) Method Put the gooseberries in a pan with the sugar and 2tbsp water.
WE are offering two varieties of classic British summer-fruiting gooseberries.
So I would always go for rhubarb, gooseberries or any of the tangy currants to make my ideal version.
On blackcurrants, crush the colonies of greenfly under the curling leaves and on gooseberries trim off the tips of shoots, which can also become infected with mildew.
At this time of year I will have been making large quantities of Elderflower cordial and I use this to poach the gooseberries in.