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Synonyms for goon

a person who treats others violently and roughly, especially for hire

Synonyms for goon

an awkward stupid person

an aggressive and violent young criminal

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The Goon Lee Laundry at 608 Congress Street was located in a thirty-year-old brick building with a new front in good condition.
According to a government report, 622 incidents of goons attacking policemen have been reported since the SP government came to power in 2012.
Eric Sykes and Larry Stephens helped write some of the early episodes, but Spike Milligan was the driving force behind the Goons, although he later claimed writing the show cost him his first marriage and his health.
With his fan credentials officially sealed by the fact he's already played Secombe in two separate Goons-based stage productions, Goon Bandage and Ying Tong - A Walk With The Goons, Patterson said that, although very much of their time, the appeal of Milligan et al was limitless.
The Goons became a national institution during the 1950s when their shows were first broadcast and the characters they created, like Bluebottle and Eccles, became household names.
We rushed right in and poured out our fury, and we cut down Goons in every direction, ignorant as they were of where and what they were fighting.
Goons fan Prince Charles sent a wreath with a card which read: "Dear Spike.
But the title was changed to The Goons, although one mystified BBC announcer described it, innocently, as "the Go On Show.
Quickly surrounded by Wilson's goons, imported Bureau of Indian Affairs police and marshals, FBI personnel, and military advisers equipped with everything from armored personnel carriers to F-4 Phantom jets, the American Indian Movement was presented with the alternatives of abject surrender or making a fight of it.
Williams depicts women as buxom babes and men as horny goons.
Summary: Haridwar (Uttarakhand) [India] Jan 9 (ANI): Two goons were arrested after an encounter with the police on Tuesday in Haridwar's Laksar area.
Ruto cited as an example a county he did not name where goons chased away would-be investors who had gone for a seminar.
According to reporter, Engineer Abdur Rasheed in a statement issued in Srinagar demanded stern action against the goons who attacked a nomad family in Reasi.
KARACHI -- Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party has strongly condemned armed attack on PPP workers convention in Nakial, Kotli district in Azad Jammu and Kashmir by the goons of PML-N in which PPP workers martyred and injured with bullet wounds.
The Goons had long gone before I was born, but elder relatives often dropped in catchphrases, did silly voices, and other comedians and musicians referenced them.