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a widely used search engine that uses text-matching techniques to find web pages that are important and relevant to a user's search

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search the internet (for information) using the Google search engine

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And for Trek fans who feel ready to be part of the next generation of Google employees, bona-fide Googlers will be on hand during the convention to answer questions about life -- and work -- at the Googleplex.
The majority of the solar panels were installed on the rooftops of the Googleplex which include multiple architectures and required the use of four different mounting systems.
The office is the latest project from Clive Wilkinson Architects, an award-winning Los Angeles-based firm responsible for Google's corporate headquarters, Googleplex, and the "Superdesk" for the Barbarian Group's New York offices.
Trim and boyishly handsome, with low sloping shoulders that give him a perpetually relaxed appearance, Sergey bounces around the Googleplex with apparently endless energy.
He regularly speaks at business and legal conferences, and has been a speaker at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, the Googleplex, and UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and Boalt Hall School of Law.
The Engage Summit includes advanced training with Google Adwords experts, one-on-one consultation, a tour of the Googleplex, and more.
The video below has Brian McClendon, VP of Google Maps urging users to collect Pokemon and be invited to GooglePlex for last round of hiring.
Whether it is successful in defeating the spammers or not, the Lycos 'Make Love Not Spam' initiative is a brilliant piece of viral marketing reminding us that innovative thinking can also happen outside the Googleplex.
Its California headquarters - known as the Googleplex - sits in Silicon Valley and is filled with toys to keep staff motivated, ranging from a baby grand piano to a snooker table.
Tonight at Campfire One at the Googleplex (http://code.
In Plato at the Googleplex, Goldstein uses the Greek philosopher's alter ego to contend that the soul-searching ideals of philosophy remain as relevant as ever amid today's heated debates on religion, morality, politics, and science.
Don't hold your breath for Google to fly you to its Googleplex in California any time soon.
To work at the Google headquarters, known as the Googleplex, must be like commuting to nirvana every day if stories are to be believed.
Additionally, no experience at Search Engine Strategies San Jose is complete without experiencing the annual Google Dance, taking place Tuesday night, August 19th, at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA.
Clive Wilkinson, the award-winning Los Angeles-based architect also responsible for Google's Googleplex headquarters and the Barbarian Group's "Superdesk," will be on-site at GLG to lead an in-depth tour and conversation.