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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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com -- the Google operating system remains a niche product, with just 3 percent of the PC market, according to IDC, the research firm.
India, June 24 -- Google Operating System, a blog that monitors the search giant, has published a screenshot of the new service that states: "Google Mine lets you share your belongings with your friends and keep up to date with what your friends are sharing.
0 mostly centre on Material Design - how the Google operating system has embraced minimalism like the iOS 7 before it and how it will become downright simple, functional and still downright beautiful.
According to a blog called Google Operating System, the upcoming update will get rid of Maps' sidebar, and will have information in pop-ups, which will appear on top of a full-screen map.
And stuffed with the reengineered Google operating system that will bump off KitKat from Android kits are 12 killer features that the upcoming Nexus devices will boast of.
Google Operating System claims the codes spotted are used by Google to test new features.
In the clip, Android L build LRW58J is quite remote from being a vanilla Google operating system and is still plagued by bugs and sluggishness.
India, June 10 -- Budget Android smartphones are extremely popular in India, and most major manufacturers in the country, as well as some big international names such as Samsung and LG, have been looking to capitalize on the Android craze in India for a while now, offering the rapidly growing Google operating system to users in affordable devices.
Android's share of the smartphone market shows no signs of slowing, as the Google operating system powered 79.
The growth in Android malware is reflected in the continued growth of Android smartphones globally, with the Google operating system now accounting for well over 50% of all smartphones sold around the world.
This growth, along with Acer improving its shipments figure by 228% on last year, saw Android attain a 53% share of the tablet market, overtaking Apple for the first time as the Google operating system rises in popularity thanks to a diverse range of products covering many prices, designs and screen sizes.