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a widely used search engine that uses text-matching techniques to find web pages that are important and relevant to a user's search

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search the internet (for information) using the Google search engine

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Factors and relative rankings are the result of personal assessments and student feedback employing Office Live and Google applications in four Computer Information Systems courses.
Panorama is in the process of building integration into other Google applications, with other application APIs such as Google Analytics(TM) and Google AdWords(TM), as well as developing templates for consumer analytics based on the powerful Google(TM) platform.
A partnership has been formed by Google Inc (Nasdaq:GOOG), an Internet search engine company, and Sprint Nextel, a provider of wireless and wireline communications services, intended to more deeply integrate Google applications and services into the mobile experience of Sprint customer.
The reason is that it fits in with the other Google applications and makes your whole Internet management system run seamlessly.
Our users and partners want Google search and Google applications on mobile and we are working hard to deliver that.
Google integration streamlines collaboration across Jive-n : It is now easier than ever to seamlessly work across Google applications that are directly connected to Jive-n.
5 million users, followed by Google applications such as Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail.
Users can choose not to log into an Android phone with a Google Account and still use it to place phone calls, send text messages, browse the web, and use certain Google applications that do not require account authentication such as Google Maps," he added.
We do not require carriers or manufacturers to include Google Search or Google applications on Android-powered devices.
Google needs to have a social strategy that is relevant to Google and the way people use Google applications," said Susan Etlinger, analyst at Altimeter Group.
a former teacher and administrator who designs educational environments and experiences for learners of all ages, and Hicks, a professional development specialist who is an educational consultant specializing in instructional design, bring together Google Certified Teachers to show how K-12 teachers and administrators can use Google Applications like Google Earth, Documents, Maps, Blogger, Sites, and iGoogle.
In addition to Gmail and Google Calendar, Google Apps for Government also features Google applications like Docs, Sites, Video, Groups, and Postini.
Designed with guidance from customers like the federal government, the City of Los Angeles and the City of Orlando, Google Apps for Government includes the same great Google applications that people know and love, with specific measures to address the policy and security needs of the public sector.