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Google Zeitgeist tools rely on anonymized, aggregated counts of how often certain search queries occur over time.
To see more information about Google Zeitgeist across the globe, take a look at the site: google.
Mr Brown was speaking about the impact of globalisation to international business leaders at a Google Zeitgeist conference in Watford, Hertfordshire.
Google, which produces Google Zeitgeist, a manually-compiled list of popular searches, claimed Hot Trends will offer a current 'snapshot' view incorporating information such as current events, celebrity gossip and crossword puzzle clues.
Think of the Google Zeitgeist tool on steroids; tags actually show what people have found, not just what they're looking for.
If you would like to take the pulse of popular culture, you might find the Google Zeitgeist list of Top 10 Gaining Queries and Top 10 Declining Queries for each week useful.
The Year-End Google Zeitgeist feature also provides a glimpse at what captivated the world over the past 12 months, based on the most popular search terms on the world's most popular search engine.
According to Google Zeitgeist 2010, "Zedge" was the tenth fastest growing search term in India during the year.
The 13th annual Google Zeitgeist compilation mined Internet search trends through the year to spotlight people, places and events that captured the world's attention, the report added.
According to the Google Zeitgeist 2010, an analysis of the search trends for the year released by Google India, ' How to get pregnant' is the most frequently googled question by Indians.
The Google Zeitgeist is calculated by looking at the aggregation of the most popular and fast-rising search queries being typed into the Google.
These are the results of the Google Zeitgeist survey of the most searchedfor items on the web in 2008.
In addition to telling us what people are curious about in the UAE, Google Zeitgeist tools also offer insight into which topics were of interest across the globe.
Addressing the Google Zeitgeist Conference in San Francisco, California, Mr Cameron said the development of the internet and the "information revolution" was ushering in a new "post-bureaucratic era".
McAfee researched more than 2,600 popular keywords (as defined by Google Zeitgeist, Yahoo