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Synonyms for wallet

Synonyms for wallet

a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money

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Google Wallet has partnered with MasterCard so that users can use their physical Google Wallet card anywhere that debit MasterCard is accepted.
Both Google Wallet and Apple Pay utilize near field communication (NFC) technology.
For this to work, Google Wallet requires Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.
The United States started playing catch-up in 2011 when Google released Google Wallet (google.
agreed to pre-install Google Wallet later this year.
As a result, Google Wallet and Isis Wallet work at only about 200,000 U.
Through Google Wallet, another of the online giant's forays into the hospitality realm, users can store loyalty program information and use the technology to submit online payments.
Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group has announced a partnership with Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) to launch pilot programs for their full portfolio of travel applications, including Google Hotel Finder, Google Business Photos, Google Wallet, Google Indoor Maps, and Google Mobile Click-to-Call.
As the first domestic airline to support both Google Wallet and Apple's Passbook, we're committed to providing our customers with tools that make travel easier.
60% are aware about the opportunity to pay in-store their shopping on smartphone and 37% found out about Google Wallet.
He describes adding contacts; managing audio, video, and movies; connecting to Bluetooth, wi-fi, and VPNs; setting up email; browsing the web with Chrome; using Google Now and navigation, Google Wallet, and Android applications; working with the date, time, calendar, and books and magazines; customizing the tablet; maintenance and problem-solving; and taking pictures and recording video.
Users will pay via Google Wallet and will be able to access their subscriptions via computers, smartphones, tablets, apps and internet enabled TVs.
Similar to PayPass, Google has its own digital wallet, Google Wallet, which lets consumers virtually store their credit and debit account information in one place.
This information-sharing practice is consistent with Google's privacy policy for its app store and its Google Wallet payment service.
The news story covered recent expansions of Google Wallet and Apple Passbook's micropayments.