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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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In addition to boosting overall performance, the latest Jelly Bean update supports the Android Native Development Kit (NDK), so LG Google TV owners can have the widest, most diverse selection of apps to choose from.
The Logitech Revue is a "companion box" designed to bring Google TV to existing HD television sets via a simple HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connection.
Float Left's solutions enable content publishers to expand their multiscreen, Over-the-Top or TV-Everywhere services across today's leading Internet connected devices such as Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Google TV, and Android mobile and tablets.
com can link their presets to their Google TV accounts, and save and access presets on Google TV, RadioTime.
Best Buy is making it easy for customers to experience the future of TV with its in-store demonstrations showcasing the benefits of Google TV presented by our knowledgeable Blue Shirts.
DISH Network's partnership with Google features a unique 'pairing protocol' that offers DISH Network customers with a Logitech Revue the most advanced Google TV experience available.
Today, Logitech unveiled Logitech Revue(TM) with Google TV(TM) and a line of products designed to create the best Google TV experience for the millions of U.
the worldwide technology leader in cloud gaming solutions, today announced it has empowered Google TV Set-top Boxes (STBs) of LG U+ for use with C-games cloud gaming, adding the latest product lineup to allow LG U+ subscribers to enjoy instant console game on demand in addition to their smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, STBs or PCs anytime, anywhere over the cloud.
htm ) Google TV in the UK and Europe will probably fail, claims Peter King at (http://www.
Labeled by Logitech, the Google TV set-top box has been launched in the U.
Google also launched Google TV with Sony which uses its Android OS.
Seven of the top ten global LCD TV OEMs in the Smart TV and connected set-top box markets are using Android or Google TV platforms.
NEW YORK -- AOL today announced the AOL HD app is available for immediate download on Samsung Smart TV and Google TV platforms.
Today's Google TV (TM) products featuring the Vivante GC1000 IP cores ready for the update include the Sony Google TV NSZ-GS7 Internet Player, the VIZIO Goggle TV Co-Star (TM), the NETGEAR NeoTV (TM) PRIME, the Asus CUBE, the Hisense Google TV, and the Lenovo Smart TV (sold in China).
As part of Samsung's continued roll-out of smart TV products and services, Samsung's new Blu-ray player and companion box enabling Google TV lets consumers surf the Internet on their TV screens just as they would on a computer including the ability to update social networks, track fantasy football scores, check e-mail and more.