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Many lauded the "Apple-like" design of Google+, and that same design philosophy is now being applied to Google's most successful products - Gmail and Google Reader.
Subscribe to any available RSS feed with an RSS feed reader, such as Google Reader or Omea, in which all of the information comes directly to a centralized place for you to check.
If you have decided to send alerts to your Google Reader account, you can skip this step.
Flipboard combines access to social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook, together with RSS news reading, including your Google Reader account with awe-inspiring downloads and networking updates.
Over the years, most of the web-based aggregators have disappeared, leaving Google Reader as the sole survivor.
I did the Google reader setup at your suggestion, and next morning I had an e-mail with more information about my industry than I could have learned in hours of searching by myself: a real WOW moment.
A Via Facebook and my news feeds, primarily blogs, in Google Reader.
Three are always open for e-mail, the Google Reader RSS feed and three news aggregation sites: Techmeme for technology news, Blogrunner for general news and Wikio for global coverage.
Un frio me recorre la espalda porque hace semanas que no leo TechCrunch y mi Google Reader tiene mas de 6.
For the record, I am a huge Google Reader fan and I have shared an immense amount of content on the site.
If you like something, you can click on the star or the 'Like' button and Google Reader will remember all your favourites.
lt;p>In other changes, Buzz will no longer automatically connect to a person's content on the Picasa photo service and Google Reader.
Unlike several other products that expect you to upload the OPML files, Feedly integrates with Google Reader nicely and all you need to do is to login via your gmail account.
The same goes for the items that "friends" in my Google Reader network share from their RSS feeds and many other community sites.
But really, if I shut off the Google Reader and turn around, the world doesn't look so frightful.