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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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Earlier this year, it was rumoured that the Google Phone will be manufactured by the Taiwan- based telecom major HTC, which specialises in high- end touch phones.
Netbooks, Google Phone, Other Consumer Electronics Devices at CES to Spur Growth
News has spread that device referred to by the press as the Motorola X Phone may not carry Motorola s branding after all, and might just be the next pure Google phone, contrary to initial reports that it wouldn t be a true Nexus device.
Output videos can be compatible with various digital devices, including iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Game Players, Samsung, Blackberry, Android, Google phone, Windows phone, Portable MP4 players etc.
The latest Google phone sports a different GPU and chipset, which are, well, not as powerful as those found inside the Galaxy S II.
Nexus S looks to be a major upgrade from the last Google Phone, the Nexus One.
Ramblers Cymru are also involved in the creation of an iPhone and Google phone application for the People's Collection - a Welsh Assembly Government-funded online documentation of the history and culture of Wales.
Google has handed out a new mobile phone running its Android software to some employees, stirring another wave of speculation that the oft-rumored Google Phone is real.
The results include sales of the original as well as the more recently-launched 3G model, and despite some fierce competition in the shape of the new Google phone and Nokia'sN96, it looks like a bumper year for this terrific touch-screen.
It seems the best we can hope for from a Google phone is that it will bring the mobile internet to those who don't own a PC - but it won't have the highend features of iPhone.
A lot of Indians sport the popular Google phone simply because it was the first one to be sold officially in hither shores.
Based on Android, the interface is far closer to a Kindle tablet than a stock Google Phone.
By using the tool, users can convert multi-format videos to be compatible with digital devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Android, Samsung, Google phone and more.
The Google Voice service will provide a Google phone number with an area code that could be different from the one on the user's phone.
Last week, the Federal Communications Commission said it was looking into Apple's decision to reject a Google phone application to run on the iPhone.