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a widely used search engine that uses text-matching techniques to find web pages that are important and relevant to a user's search

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search the internet (for information) using the Google search engine

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How exactly do you get on top of everything Google Maps then?
The truth is we are only three hours away from London - don't rely on your sat-nav or Google Maps - just head to Bristol on the M4, cross the bridge, ask a local and they'll know exactly where to find us.
ICesaw Sarwat struggling with Google Maps as ICetook off, heading towards the city over Garhoud bridge.
However, some of the very capabilities that make Waze the most feature-rich, interactive traffic and navigation app also raise questions about its impacts on privacy, law enforcement, and its coexistence with Google Maps.
The tour gives visitors an interactive, 360-degree view, which can be found from Google Search, Google Maps or The Business Factory's own website.
Google is reported to be working on introducing some exciting new features to its Google Maps that already has evolved as the navigating aid of choice for most around us.
Street View in Google Maps would for the first time allow users to see Liberty Island, said Google technologist, Daniel Sieberg.
Deputy manager at AAIB Tamer Momtaz has proposed a new idea to re-establish closed Egyptian factories using Google maps
The Insurance Insights solution is powered by reliable Google Cloud infrastructure for massive storage and data crunching and Google Maps for location intelligence.
The game can be played in Google Maps on desktop computers or mobile devices that have the latest app update for Apple's iOS or Google's Android software.
Camera-toting employees of Google Maps Streeview project [ETH] or should be be calling it Planeview?
ps domain to protest Google maps labeling of Palestinian and Israeli borders.
A computer is required for posting spherical images from an iPhone to Google Maps.
Google Maps is expanding its public transit directions support by launching the service in Romania, where users from seven cities will now be able to discover what public transit routes will take them to their destination.
If you're in Bulgaria, the Google Maps app on your Android device will now offer navigation as an option when you make a directions query.