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tight-fitting spectacles worn to protect the eyes

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Word Lens has some simi larit ies with Google Goggles, which lets users take a picture of a phrase and then search the web for it.
Then there's Google Goggles, which we've recently announced -- you can take a picture with your mobile, and then Google will go search for that in the image database.
The founders of Plink, Mark Cummins and James Philbin, will join Google to work on its visual search engine project Google Goggles.
lt;p>He also showed an enhancement to Google Goggles, the search tool that recognizes images and returns related search results.
The phone also appears to come loaded up with Google Navigation ( a bit of a nobrainer) and the brand- spanking- new Google Goggles.
Google Goggles is a new visual search tool for mobile phones which use Android operating systems that allows people to search with a picture instead of words.
Keywords: Google, Google Glasses, Google Goggles, Wearable Augmented Reality, Augmented Reality Applications
Google Goggles is a downloadable image recognition application.
Visual search is a lot like the Google Goggles app for iPhone or Android: You can aim the phone's camera at a bar code, a book cover or a DVD cover, and the phone identifies it by product name and company.
QR codes can be used in most smart phones including those with Google's Android operating system using Google Goggles or other third-party barcode scanners.
CamFind's level of accuracy stands out dramatically from competitors such as Google Goggles and Amazon Flow - which was recently incorporated in the newly released Amazon Fire Phone to power its image recognition.
The website 9to5Google claims to have seen a prototype of the Google goggles, which apparently resemble Oakley's Thump sunglasses, featuring a built-in audio system, the Telegraph reported.
Huffman announced that a Google Goggles feature allowing people with mobile devices to search using pictures now translates languages in photos of text, with Russian added to the list.
The company also modified Google Goggles from mobile to the desktop.