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an article of tableware made of glass

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The lack of a display and a camera may also means longer battery life, which the original Google Glass was heavily criticized for.
The second iteration of Google Glass has been tested and deployed across many factories in the United States by companies such as Boeing, GE, and DHL, as first reported by NPR in March and today reiterated by a feature-length piece over at Wired.
The post Google Glass returns for the enterprise appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
With this kind of approach, the Spectacles may well be able to achieve what the Google Glass could not, which is to become a mainstream product that people use without the danger of looking like a total geek.
For the purpose of this book, wearables include smart watches, Google Glass, GoPro cameras, fitness tracking bracelets, virtual reality viewers, and drones operated by wearable devices.
developing a continuation of Google Glass, which has been dubbed as 'EE' or the 'Enterprise
Let's start by talking about the applications Google Glass has in healthcare.
Now, as a technology partner for Google's Explorer program, TECHKON has embedded its ColorCatcher software into the Google Glass platform.
Tammie Van Sant wasn't sure she'd be able to enjoy her passion of photography after sustaining a spinal-cord injury (SCI), but saw the chance to take pictures again when the wearable technology Google Glass was introduced.
In order to decode Google's message, one has to take into account the sales of the relatively expensive Google Glass, the level of enthusiasm shown by software developers in creating apps, specifically for the device, privacy and security concerns shown by both the wearers and those who happen to be on its focus by accident and above all, the lukewarm response from the companies, which already have started using them.
Google Glass has made the decision not to include facial recognition in the Google Glass device, even though the glasses could have those capabilities.
What makes GCASE unique is that it is as equally incredible as the Google Glass itself.
So He, with WSU professor Barb Chaparro, invented a solution using the latest technology of Google Glass.
Dubai: Traffic patrol officers have begun using Google Glass to issue fines and record traffic violations.
Workers in customer service will use Google Glass technology to help answer passengers' questions.