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an article of tableware made of glass

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The firm has not named Google Glass as the hardware.
Our work shows that the data transmitted by Google Glass can be used to supplement traditional telephone consults, validate bedside physical exams, and diagnose and manage patients.
Now, as a technology partner for Google's Explorer program, TECHKON has embedded its ColorCatcher software into the Google Glass platform.
The pilot ran through February 2015, and the adjusters were asked to use Google Glass in their day-to-day activities, primarily to take photos.
Consumer Watchdog's April study offered this analysis: "While the device might be useful in a few narrow specialized circumstances, Google Glass is inappropriate for the broad consumer market.
Google Glass has made the decision not to include facial recognition in the Google Glass device, even though the glasses could have those capabilities.
Featuring a fabric-coated hard case insert perfectly fit to keep your Google Glass in place, polyester mesh exterior casing that's durable enough to handle your day-to-day activity, yet feels light and comfortable in your hands, interior side pocket to hold your Android/ iOS device, accessory compartments for your charger and cables, and much more.
Currently, aside from the speculation that Google Glass will be powered by a still unknown Intel chipset, very little information is revealed about the rumoured wearable.
Participant point of view: The user can wear Google Glass, which includes the uSee Glass software and a video camera.
The Scottish facility is the second UK airport to trial Google Glass after Virgin Atlantic Airways did the same during a four-week period at its London/Heathrow Upper Class Wing earlier this year.
In our continuous effort to adopt the latest technology to help us curb traffic and reduce violations we have begun using Google Glass," Col Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of Dubai Traffic Police, said.
Google Glass wearers can surf the internet using voice commands and take photos by winking.
But thanks to wearable devices like Google Glass, a person's optic organs can now control everything from taking photos and videos to checking emails and browsing the Internet.
Google Glass contains a heads-up display for viewing information, taking pictures, recording videos, interacting with many Google products (e.
The Members Group of Des Moines, Iowa, said it will release a new payments app that runs on Google Glass.