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a widely used search engine that uses text-matching techniques to find web pages that are important and relevant to a user's search

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search the internet (for information) using the Google search engine

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The Google Docs app was also updated for iOS 11 and iPhone X support.
In the Google Docs scheme, the hacker fashioned a bogus variety of Google Docs and requested consent to read, write and access the victim's emails.
trusted contact and also looked like a typical Google Doc link.
We say: Google docs has knocked Word of its perch in double quick time.
Voice typing was launched by Google, as an included option in the Google Docs tools menu back in September last year.
Tamica Collins, a PhD student from Columbia University, said: "The F1000Workspace Google Docs Add-on is great
Frantically, I searched Evernote, Slack, Google Docs, and Word for the latest version of my work.
Google Spreadsheets were also affected, with users having trouble either accessing existing ones or creating new sheets, while other Google Docs formats appeared stable.
MindMeister, the market-top online mind mapping and brainstorming solution, declared the release of a free add-on for Google Docs, allowing users to turn bullet point lists into mind maps and automatically insert them into their documents.
Common native integrations between Salesforce and Google Apps include integrating Google Docs and Gmail with Salesforce.
For example, in a 2010 "Geek in the Center" column in WLN, Jackie Grutsch McKinney provides a chart to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of many online conferencing options, including Adobe Connect, Elluminate Live, Skype, and Google Docs (13).
Those using Gmail and Google can collaborate on Word files by using the Google Drive and Google Docs services (bit.
Also during our second year, our web design, video game development and engineering classes began using Google Docs.
With one central interface, Found can connect to your Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive and Gmail to provide a central search across all of those cloud sources, as well as local search of the Mac.
At its annual Google I/O developers conference on Thursday, Google announced that it is adding the ability to work offline to Google Docs, the company's cloud-based office apps.