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The ZEISS VR ONE GX allows ZEISS to expand its selection of VR headsets now available to consumers and gives new and existing Google Cardboard users the choice of a headset with ZEISS premium optics and design," explains ZEISS VR ONE Product Manager Franz Troppenhagen.
The new Google Cardboard Camera app is now available for download on Apple's App Store.
When scanned, this code automatically optimizes the Google Cardboard apps' image and head-tracking for the ZEISS VR ONE.
com/get/cardboard/plastic/) Google Cardboard Plastic.
The design of VR for G3 is based on the blueprint for Google Cardboard, available online for home DIY fans.
It's not like a Google Cardboard device that is basically a couple of lenses and a bit of cardboard or plastic, it has got actual electronics within it," he said.
Later, Google introduced the world to the Google Cardboard, which looked to bring VR experiences to the masses by using basic materials to make a headset.
These will range from the premium models like HTC's Vive, which will be demonstrated with a few updates, to Google Cardboard variants.
Users of the Taobao mobile app, which owns a VR-viewer headset akin to Google Cardboard, can scan the QR code of Alibaba's event.
If you already have a Google Cardboard headset, the Sports Illustrated content will work perfectly, its publisher Time Inc.
The app works on Android and iOS smartphones, aided by VR-viewer devices, such as Google cardboard and also on VR headsets such as Samsung's Gear VR.
Daydream is a much more advanced version of Google Cardboard and there are some basic hardware requirements that a smartphone maker will have to fulfill for the smartphone to be Daydream ready.
For years, Google has dabbled in VR - the company makes the inexpensive Google Cardboard headsets, and its YouTube supports 360-degree video - but the company is stepping up its efforts with the new division, which will be led by key executive Clay Bavor, the company said Tuesday.
VR is next on the list and with the rise of Google cardboard iterations in the marketplace, we might see new VR innovations making their way into Android.
Google Cardboard could be made by users or purchased for around (https://www.