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For example, Google Cardboard is a pair of cardboard glasses into which one inserts a smart phone.
The newspaper says it expects to distribute more than 1 million of the Google Cardboard devices.
ZEISS VR ONE GX owners can download Android or iOS VR apps created for Google Cardboard to use on the ZEISS VR ONE GX.
Volvo Car Corporation, a Sweden-based automaker, is using Google Cardboard, an inexpensive means for converting most android phones into VR headsets, as a marketing tool for its XC90 SUV.
Comparing it to the Google Cardboard, the Gear VR can be strapped to your face, so you can be immersed in the experience.
That's because starting on Wednesday, December 2, custom Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers featuring Star Wars-themed designs are available exclusively at select Verizon stores around the U.
According to the report, the low cost of Google Cardboard is one of the major reasons for the virtual reality cardboard market to grow.
In addition, ZEISS VR ONE owners can also download and use hundreds of popular Android and iOS VR apps developed for Google Cardboard from the Google Play and Apple App stores.
Again, enjoying the quality porn content of VirtualPorn 360 becomes affordable and easy to watch thanks to the Google Cardboard format.
Compatible with multiple mobile headsets including Gear VR and Google Cardboard, Starship has opened a mailing list for those interested in being the first to experience the network.
LG s VR for G3 works with Google Cardboard and enables G3 owners to experience a variety of VR-compatible apps and games that they can download on the Google Play store.
This game is compatible with Google Cardboard and Realiteer's DIY VR headset and motion-tracking control.
VR is powered by a full-stack software platform integrated with Unity 3D and the Google Cardboard SDK for Android and iOS.