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a widely used search engine that uses text-matching techniques to find web pages that are important and relevant to a user's search

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search the internet (for information) using the Google search engine

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For example, Google could leave out fitness ads when delivering ads to a Google Accounts user who isn't "a gym person," Whitten said.
Even if your Google account is hacked, or even if there's some curious Google employee, your data is safe.
Those e-mail addresses don't all have to be from accounts for Google's Gmail service, but they do need to be e-mail addresses associated with a Google account.
0 by Eltima Software all Mac Users can Sync Mac OS X Running Computer With Windows Mobile devices, Nokia S40 Phones, Other Macs, Google Account and Back up the Data to Online Storage Account
It also fully supports complex Terminal Server environments and also allows each user to sync multiple Google accounts concurrently.
are ready to pay for a list of all Google Accounts related emails.
The apps and services affected are used by individuals with free Google accounts and also by organizations with the Google Apps suite, which comes in free and fee-based editions.
In order to avoid falling victim to such attacks, users should employ strong and unique passwords and review their Google accounts to make sure no unwanted email addresses have access to them.
The cross site scripting vulnerability could have allowed a remote attacker to take over victims' Google Accounts, or fake the website's content in order to deceive end users into downloading malicious content or providing personal and confidential information (known as 'phishing')", said Limor Elbaz, VP Business Development and Strategy of Finjan.
Both companies and members will receive Google Accounts, while promoters will also enjoy full aid marketing services.
The feature only applies to your Google accounts, like Gmail, Goolge+ and YouTube.
The post states how beginning September 4, 2012, Google will convert existing Google Apps for Teams accounts into personal Google Accounts and shut down Google Apps for Team.
This updated privacy policy, like the old privacy policy, affects users signed into their Google Accounts on Android phones, the same way as users signed into their Google Accounts from a desktop computer," The Telegraph quoted a Google spokesperson, as saying.
The company, a subsidiary of Google, reassured users that YouTube cookies couldn't be used to access Google accounts.
In order to achieve this certification, Beyond Spots & Dots met eligibility requirements which included passing certification exams that demonstrated expertise with managing Google accounts, continued best practices, and maintaining minimum spending levels.