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a widely used search engine that uses text-matching techniques to find web pages that are important and relevant to a user's search

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search the internet (for information) using the Google search engine

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It's worth noting while the initiative is designed for high-risk users, anyone with a personal Google account is eligible to enroll in Google's (https://landing.
Players who installed "Pokemon GO" on an Android device and logged in with their Google accounts granted Niantic access only to their Google username and e-mail address.
Once a Google account is penetrated, all Google Drive files and emails are available.
Google's been thinking this problem through and invented a new feature on all Google Accounts called Inactive Account Manager.
Google Apps for Teams accounts will be converted into personal Google accounts.
Google will be able to create a profile of users who are logged into any Google accounts and are using its services, which will include actions such as searches run, e-mails sent or received, videos watched on YouTube and conversations on GChat.
Music Beta allows users to upload up to 20,000 songs into a locker in the cloud and then stream them on their computers and Android devices, syncing playlists across their Google accounts.
Also, managing different google accounts looks easy with another drop-down menu next to the email account detail, on the top right corner of the page.
He demonstrates how to design applications for scalability and perform common development tasks using App Engine's APIs and scalable services, as well as the Engine's application server architecture, runtime environments, scalable datastore, tools for deploying and managing applications, features for integrating the application with Google Accounts and Google Apps, task queues and offline processes, techniques for optimization, and the Django web application framework.
But if you want your site to be private, all visitors must use their own Google accounts to log in and see your content.
That is a dramatic shift when compared to the cumulative traffic since July where Google accounts for only 20 percent.
The company said 1 million Google accounts had been affected at a rate of 13,000 devices a day.
This is especially useful for users with separate home and work Google accounts.
Kosslyn adds that Password Alert could be used to tighten security outside of Google accounts as well.
The app syncs with Facebook, Google accounts and phonebook to deliver the caller s name, photo, location and email ID.