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Synonyms for goofball

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior

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In part, many of us goofballs believe, it's because such pursuits often are creative: They prime your pump for more of the same.
Georgia = Goofballs eagerly operating radios greased in Arkansas.
He said that the 'Friends' star was just goofballs and that is why he loved her.
They are the gardening goofballs, chasing frogs and stealing tomatoes.
For all the ziggin' and zaggin' he did as a member of the Rams in 12 record-breaking seasons, a feat that earned him a bronze plaque in the Coliseum's Court of Honor during a ceremony last week, Pro Football Hall of Famer Elroy ``Crazy Legs'' Hirsch may have made a more indelible mark on Hollywood that's even crazier than some of these other goofballs getting a star on the Walk of Fame.