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Synonyms for write-off

(accounting) reduction in the book value of an asset

the act of cancelling from an account a bad debt or a worthless asset

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1, 2002, goodwill writedown, which are in line with expectations and do not affect the rating or outlook.
The London-listed supermarket also took a Au495-million goodwill writedown for its operations in Poland, the Czech Republic and Turkey.
As a result of the goodwill writedown, EBIT amounted to -262.
Profit fell as Emaar took a 750m dirham goodwill writedown related to its US home-building unit, John Laing Homes, the developer said.
After 100m [pounds sterling] restructuring costs, interest payments and a 194m [pounds sterling] goodwill writedown on Hovis, Premier made a net loss of 373.
However, its dessert making and ready meals division, Brookes Avana, suffered a pounds 15m fall in trading profit and a pounds 125m goodwill writedown, which contributed to an overall pre-tax loss of pounds 98.
Net income was $149 mln, a big miss in comparison with the consensus's $294 mln; this was due to a $58 mln goodwill writedown from Maxi Group and an $88 mln loss from the NLMK-Duferco JV.
The restructuring will result in pretax cash charges of up to $250 million in 2012 (which will be paid out over the next three years), as well as a noncash goodwill writedown of $790 million - $850 million.
The bank's loss includes a EUR254m goodwill writedown at its Greek bank.
8 million goodwill writedown in the fourth quarter ended April 30, 2003.
Today the company filed form 12b-25 with the Securities and Exchange Commission to extend by 15 days the filing of its December 31, 1999 form 10K while it completes its analysis of loss reserves and goodwill writedowns tied to the downsizing of its traditional leasing activities.
There were goodwill writedowns in 2002 related to the adoption of the new accounting requirements for goodwill and other intangible assets.
The company is currently implementing steps intended to return John Hine Limited to profitability and is evaluating goodwill writedowns and restructuring alternatives available to the U.