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a railroad train consisting of freight cars

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He said after coming to power, the present government has upgraded various goods train running between Karachi Port and Lahore from 1 to 10.
He said after coming to power, the present government has enhanced the number of goods train operating between Karachi Port and Lahore from one to 10.
He said that up to 2011-12-13 only one luggage train was operated between Karachi Port and Lahore but now the PR was managing 10 goods trains.
Meanwhile, Chairman of Railway Board, Arunendra Kumar said the express train had derailed and ploughed into the goods train standing on the loop- line.
Mangled passenger coaches climbed on top of the goods train and many people were trapped inside near Churaib station, in the Sant Kabir Nagar district of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, said a police spokesman in the state capital, Lucknow.
The Birmingham to Paddington express, pulling nine coaches with 100 passengers, crashed into the goods train seconds after approaching the station at about 40mph.
He added that a search operation in the goods train was still on, and the final report of seizure is awaited.
The passenger train was travelling to Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state, when it rammed into the goods train at Penneconda station in the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh.
The crash occurred on Monday in the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh, about 350km from state capital Bhopal, when a goods train hit a passenger train waiting at a station.
Today's photograph shows "the last goods train to Allendale from Hexham on its arrival at Allendale.
The vehicle violated railway crossing rules and tried to cross the railway with the goods train approaching.
The man's body was found after a report from the driver of goods train just after 5am.
The Caledonian Railway tank moving alongside the Forth Estuary is pictured on the 28p stamp while the European rate E stamp shows a 1950s express goods train on the Great Central Railway, in Leicestershire.
AT least 40 people were feared dead after a passenger train collided with a goods train in Zimbabwe yesterday.
Directly after the arrival of a passenger train from Dudley, the deceased attempted to reach the opposite platform by means of a level crossing when he was struck by the buffer of the engine of a London express goods train.