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a conventional expression of farewell

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Janet Fisher / Goodnight Kiss 808 331-0707 janetfisher [at] gmail http://www.
The next night Wullie once again went to say goodnight to Peter, only to find him opening a pack of cigarettes.
LITERARY classic Goodnight Mister Tom was given a new lease of life on its opening night in a production by Coventry Youth Operetta Group.
Goodnight said she still was processing the experiences.
Whoever decided to ditch Goodnight Sweetheart to make way for the tedium of Olympic archery and shooting deserves to be used for target practice.
Rest peacefully Maria, goodnight, God bless lovely lady.
Top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight offers a simple, step-by-step method to overcome the fear of loping and to effectively collect your horse at the canter.
Spot follows the storyline of the acclaimed children's book Goodnight Moon
And if you think that "So long, farewell" song from The Sound Of Music was annoying, just wait till someone - most likely Andrew Lloyd Webber - pens a ditty that goes "Goodnight Mary-Ellen goodnight John-Boy goodnight Elizabeth goodnight John-Boy goodnight Grandpa goodnight John-Boy .
Members of the Coventry Youth Operetta Group are staging the city premiere of Goodnight Mister Tom next week.
Goodnight my darling; until we meet again to hold hands for all eternity.
xxxxxxx HODGSON Tony Grandad, as you shine in the sky at night, we wish we could climb the height to give you a kiss goodnight.
SAS CEO Jim Goodnight participated in a plenary panel on US growth and chaired a panel on technology in education this week at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles.
Goodnight Grandad, Love Amie, Nicola, Andrea, Carmel, Erin and Partners xxx.
Until our next game of Dominoes Den, goodnight and God bless.