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a conventional expression of farewell

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Goodnight believes education is critical to the success of people, organizations and nations.
Goodnight Midstream has provided water handling solutions for many leading operators in North Dakota and we are thrilled to be partnering with this management team and investing behind its strategy to expand into other basins in North America, said Tailwater Capital Principal Joel Fry.
Goodnight, God bless, love and miss you so very much Mum.
com)-- Puppet Life, an independent developer of interactive kids apps, has announced the release of Say Goodnight on iOS platform.
AUER Lyndsey Goodnight, God bless Lyndsey, you were such a lovely girl.
So he was especially upset when he went to say goodnight to his 12-year-old son Peter one evening and walked in on the boy looking at a girlie magazine.
In 1991, Tom Goodnight undertook a search of the literature for theories of controversy, and was surprised to return empty handed.
GOODNIGHT MISTER TOM, City College, Coventry, running time 2hrs, until Saturday.
Both Thompson and his partner, Officer Misty Goodnight, who has been on the job four months, returned to the Jewish Community Center on Monday when it reopened.
Whoever decided to ditch Goodnight Sweetheart to make way for the tedium of Olympic archery and shooting deserves to be used for target practice.
Goodnight my beautiful lovely angel, You were the best by far.
The studio's first application, Say Goodnight Winter, has come out on the iOS platform on December 17, 2013.
And if you think that "So long, farewell" song from The Sound Of Music was annoying, just wait till someone - most likely Andrew Lloyd Webber - pens a ditty that goes "Goodnight Mary-Ellen goodnight John-Boy goodnight Elizabeth goodnight John-Boy goodnight Grandpa goodnight John-Boy .
Members of the Coventry Youth Operetta Group are staging the city premiere of Goodnight Mister Tom next week.
Mum, always in our hearts and thoughts, goodnight God bless.