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Synonyms for Goodeniaceae

a family of sappy plants that grow in Australasia and southeast China

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Prior to availability of molecular data, Emblingia was placed in various families, including Goodeniaceae, Polygalaceae, and Sapindaceae (Erdtman et al.
This is also true for Stylidiaceae (Erbar, 1992) and Goodeniaceae (Carolin, 1959).
some Papaveraceae, Ranunculaceae, Geraniaceae, Tropaeolaceae, Balsaminaceae, Acanthaceae, Veronicaceae, Campanulaceae, Goodeniaceae, Orchidaceae) (Jabbour et al.
Floral structure and anatomy in the family Goodeniaceae Dumort.
One might argue that these style characters are symplesiomorphic, however primitive and advanced states recognition for these features depends on the choice of the outgroup (Calyceraceae, Goodeniaceae, Menyanthaceae).
Compositae and Goodeniaceae but fails to provide a name.
But superior ovaries have evolved in taxa of at least six families: Pittosporaceae, Escalloniaceae, Menyanthaceae, Goodeniaceae, Phellinaceae, and Campanulaceae.
The place and time of origin of the Asteraceae, with additional comments on the Calyceraceae and Goodeniaceae.
Tertiary capitula are also reported in the Goodeniaceae (Carolin, 1978) and the Brunoniaceae (Carolin, 1978; Erbar & Leins, 1988), two other families that are very closely related to the Asteraceae (Bremer, 1994).