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having honest intentions


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Based on the letter from Administrator Michaels and the discussions that occurred during the meeting, ACA concludes that OSHA has now agreed to allow relief from June 1, 2015 compliance if a company (1) can show its labels and data sheets are in compliance with current version of the HCS; (2) is making good faith efforts to comply with the upcoming June 1, 2015 deadline and can demonstrate that because of circumstances beyond their control, they cannot comply by that date; and (3) can provide a plan of implementation that will put them in compliance with the new HCS/GHS requirements within a reasonable period of time following June 1, 2015.
Finally, TEI suggested that the IRS announce interim relief permitting employers (and other payers) to use a reasonable, good faith effort to comply with their withholding obligations.
Determining what constitutes good faith effort to meet or exceed the readily achievable minimum standard is a consideration that involves more than your legal counsel.
The district granted summary judgment for the defendants, holding that a jail officer who fought with the inmate had not employed excessive force when he grabbed the inmate in a bear hug in a good faith effort to restore order, even though the inmate claimed that the officer took advantage of the situation to administer additional blows.
26 and he pledged that a good faith effort would be made to respond to the FAA.
Made a good faith effort to obtain the acknowledgment by that date (for example, sending the donee organization a letter requesting the acknowledgment).
acceptable internal controls) to ensure compliance with its obligation and then makes a good faith effort to ensure those procedures are followed.
Domar was disqualified for failing to meet all of the standards of a good faith effort to recruit and use minority- and women-owned businesses.