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Synonyms for euthanasia

mercy killing

Synonyms for euthanasia

the act of killing someone painlessly (especially someone suffering from an incurable illness)

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While we know there is no `right way' to die, we are still trying to understand what constitutes a good death.
Made in collaboration with doctor and filmmaker Paul Trotman, A Good Death deals with the concept of advanced care planning and challenges health care models commonly used with dying patients.
Very skilful first against some reasonable spin bowling and against a very good death bowler in Umar Gul.
Representatives from Public Health North East will be attending the Overview and Scrutiny Committee in South Tyneside to talk about a regional Good Death charter.
London, Sep 17 (ANI): In order to achieve good death for all, society's attitude towards dying, death and bereavement needs to change, experts have suggested.
The document said: "This could deprive people of the opportunity to make a good death, setting things right as much as they can, making peace, saying their goodbyes.
Peter's problem in the 15th century, and instructions for a good death.
When medical treatment no longer fulfills a patient's expressed preferences and the patient is terminally ill, a good death should be viewed as an acceptable and appropriate outcome.
A Good Death Gil Courtemanche Wayne Grady, translator Douglas and McIntyre 207 pages, softcover ISBN-10: 1553652150 ISBN-13: 9781553652151
The recent debate over the Joffe assisted dying bill, as well as TV programmes like Esther Rantzen's How To Have A Good Death, have brought the subject to the forefront of people's minds.
We will all die, but we may all have to make decisions about what treatment we would want or not want, and what a good death means to us.
They're able to talk in terms of good death and bad death.
So it isn't altogether surprising that when he speaks about what makes a good death, people listen.
The difference between a good death and a hard death is having had 'the conversation,'" says Jessica McCannon, M.