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Lir's story is such that it has grabbed the attention of acclaimed film director Shimmy Marcus, who has just completed a forthcoming feature length documentary on the band entitled Good Cake Bad Cake.
I'll take him a nice gift, a good cake, and we'll be celebrating the 80 years of this great figure of America and our history,' Chavez said.
Mrs Richardson, from Llansteffan, near Carmarthen, said: 'I am very honoured but it is very good cake, even if I say so myself' It's lovely that Charles enjoys my cake so much.
Netcentives is the icing on a very good cake, emphasizing our focus on increasing customer loyalty.
Unfortunately the screening of Shimmy Marcus' movie Good Cake Bad Cake: The Story of LIR, at the Dublin Film Festival has been cancelled but the band are still going to rock out tonight.
Something sturdy and durablethat will endure your whipping up a good cake mix.
But the icing on a considerably good cake is headliner and award winning American Reginald D Hunter, a Perrier award nominee last year in Edinburgh.
Off-stage, a vicar was asked if Mr Kipling had ever directed a nativity play before, to which he replied: 'No, but he does make exceedingly good cakes.
55) and, while Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good cakes, he is not so adept at attracting top quality to the sprint he sponsors.
Mr Kipling may make exceedingly good cakes but Cadbury's Mini Rolls sell more.
A TV advert with the phrase, ''Mr Kipling bakes exceedingly good cakes,'' made the brand a household name.
Sadly, so rambling did he become, that colleagues could not work out whether he was filling the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run, or possibly had mixed up Rudyard with his namesake -the man who bakes exceedingly good cakes.
Mr Kipling, the baker rather than the Nobel Prize-winning writer, is not alone in making exceedingly good cakes, according to Lambourn's workforce.
THERE are probably some people out there who think Rudyard Kipling was the guy who made some very good cakes.