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Synonyms for article

Synonyms for article

an individually considered portion of a whole

something having material existence

Synonyms for article

(grammar) a determiner that may indicate the specificity of reference of a noun phrase

bind by a contract

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I MUST congratulate Richard Williamson on such a good article on the banning of hunting with dogs.
All Grown Up: Express Yourself" game players will complete missions based on the show to help Angelica create a good article for the school newspaper.
They also emphasised the need of effective observations along with study, consulting with subject experts and use of internet for writing good articles adding that brevity, truth and simple language are basic requisites of making a good article.
As I plumb the themes covered in past editions, I always fond a good article to cite in my works.
It is a very good article full of good ideas for ATV use around the house.
What a good article by John Gibson on page 65 of the Chronicle.
I SEE from your very good article 'On the up' that council tax is being hiked up for the struggling one-home owner, whether they be first-time buyers who usually have both partners working, or pensioners, widows and widowers, who cannot fully enjoy life through worry of being unable to pay.
It is a good article, but to have such a thing in the middle was thoughtless.
It was a good article, which brought back many memories.
A good article can absolutely make a difference in the look and feel of a website.
Jumps lover Hoping for Hotham Good article by James Pyman in yesterday's paper.
It was a good article, though I don't know why Duke has a closed mind on lubes.
It was not such a good article because you said that Sam Hammam didn't realise that Cardiff might be playing at the Millennium Stadium.
They said that brevity, truth and simple language were basic requisites of a good article.
Fruit of the vine Nuke wrote: Cheers mate, good article.