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persuasive relevance

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the quality of being valid and rigorous

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10) has a good argument against the proposal by the Mayor of Middlesbrough suggesting a price increase per alcohol unit.
Paul Plummer, director of planning and regulation at Network Rail, said that while capacity issues were greater on the West coast, there was still a good argument for the North East.
They make a very good argument that there's no need for Van Nuys to be west of the 405,'' Smith said.
It is clearly unacceptable that West Midlands Police has far fewer firearms officers than similar urban forces, while there is also a good argument to be made for strengthening the two police surveillance teams.
Breaking Up: If you like a good argument this fine drama starring Russell Crowe is one to watch.
He loved a good argument and had a wicked sense of humour, "
And there's a good argument for announcing how much their first team squad is getting as a unit.
Besides these two flaws, I think Webb has a good argument.
And a good argument for more indoor sports stadia - including of course a plastiglass beach volleyball dome.
This is the only good argument that I've heard in favor of courses about phallogocentric hegemonies: Better a tendentious, fatuous theorist than a thief.
says the Atlanta report makes a good argument for controlling nitrogen oxides, but he points out that the computer model failed to account for several factors that could greatly affect ozone production, such as a heat-driven increase in atmospheric mixing.
Ra's believed what he was doing was ultimately saving civilisation and it was quite a good argument he comes up with.
Meanwhile, gun-rights activists in other parts of the country have taken note of the case, saying Lugo's shooting by the Canyon Country homeowner is a good argument for responsible gun ownership.
The Steelers looked strong in beating the Jets and it is getting harder to find a good argument for any team outside the top three.
Warwick University Student Union president Bob Jones said: "I have been talking to MPs about this since the first reading and have never yet heard a good argument for variable rather than fixed fees.