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Synonyms for teamwork

Synonyms for teamwork

joint work toward a common end

Words related to teamwork

cooperative work done by a team (especially when it is effective)

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Few stop to ask whether they will add value, bring new skills to the party or will be a good team player.
What was most critical was that Paul was a very good team player.
Alex is a perceptive passer of the ball and has a great understanding of the game and looks to be a very good team player.
Larraine Boorman, managing director of management and development company Acua, added: "Tom has always been a clear thinker and a very good team player.
This isateamsportand Justin did what any good team player would do.
He is very good in the air and also a good team player.
Rory was a good team player, he just wasn't the individual that Trunds was.
He's a good team player, a good all-rounder and a pleasure to work with.
There's no desire to participate as a good team player with the Bar to make this thing work," board member Gwynne Young said.
BB: An honest trier, good team player, high on commitment, but sadly low on touch and technique.
Being a good team player is to respect each practitioner's scope and role within the team, so that each can act autonomously within that role.
But once I got him down I figured I'd be a good team player and get the pin.
To most men, a good team player is one who does what the coach says.
In a collective country, a good team player is expected to help his or her teammate.