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glow, soft a glass of good book amidst the Which is all well and good in house-holds that have more than one loo, and as long as the man in her life doesn't suddenly pound on the door demanding access for essential bodily functions.
8220;The Good Book is a remarkable film that engages and edifies.
Everybody wants to remain in the good books of BJP.
Eide--What were considered to be good books in the time of popular enlightenment?
It's so hard to put a good book down - and there are so many good books out there waiting to be devoured.
Even when I visit friends and distinguished guests on the occasion of Diwali I present a good book or a sapling to them.
There may well be a good book in here, or several good books as so much is crammed into the action and characters: quantity of events and themes appears to rule the roost.
A good book can open up new worlds, spark the imagination and lift the spirits.
I love to travel, and have recently been to both Portugal and Tenerife, as my favourite type of holiday has to be a beach getaway, where you can relax in the sun with a good book and hear the sea in the background.
As a mobile library begins its rounds, Eve Dugdale finds out why its so important to find a good book
As a former teacher and man of faith, I believe the more good books we read the better, especially if it is the Good Book.
AN award-winning author encouraged children to enjoy a good book when he visited a Teesside school.
crank out : to produce quickly and often carelessly <You can't just crank out a good book.
Yesterday, however, workers were urged to take five minutes out of their hectic schedules to relax with a good book.
He knew that by losing ourselves in a good book, we can find fundamental truths about our own lives.