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pod of the peanut vine containing usually 2 nuts or seeds

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I want more money or I'll let your goobers go stale," he told Walter Benson, director of concessions at the Houston park.
Here in North America the annual peanut species grown for its nuts, Arachis hypogaea, needs plenty of warm weather, but you don't have to live in Georgia to grow great goobers.
The word goober is said to come from an African word for peanuts--nguba.
Mired in the polls, Bob Dole had created a midsummer media event out of his wife's sixtieth birthday by treating her to a box of Goobers, a basket of popcorn, and a matinee showing of Independence Day in a nearly empty Century City cinema.
We've got Hoppin' John's, Po' Boys, Georgia Dogs, Corn Dogs, Brunswich Stew, Potlikker, Goobers Fajitas and Swamp Gravy," said the man at a window helpfully.
Every so often some elite guy chugs by in a motor vehicle, windows rolled up tight, and people fall all over themselves to either genuflect before him or lay goobers on his windshield.
No, but right now it looks to you like we just eating these here good goobers and talking together and watching those sparrows out there beating up dust in the road - I'm really resting from my pastorial duties, understand?
Kids in Tanzania call them karangas; in the Congo, they're goobers.
Peanuts, which are sometimes known as goobers or goober peas, from the African word "nguba.
To meet this desire and the growing upscale tastes of consumers, the company has changed the size of its candy bars and given familiar products like Chunky, Goobers, Raisinets and Oh Henry
I love M and Ms, Kit Kats, Snickers and Goobers at the movies," she said.
Follow that with plenty of clean patches in the bore and chambers (the first few with a bit of solvent to get the goobers out), a final wipe down with a clean dry rag to get the odds and ends, and you're done.
And instead of buying the girl a box of Goobers, this lovesick goober gives his date a pledge of civility even before the evening starts.
Roger Owens, the Peanut Guy, will be on the float as well (maybe tossing Goobers to the spectators)?