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the craniometric point on either side at the apex of the lower jaw

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Why were Korakou and Gonia seemingly not abandoned during the Middle Helladic period, in contrast to Tsoungiza and Zygouries?
It was a rather strange area that even the county had confused in terms of what school district it should be in,'' La Canada Superintendent Lorene Gonia said Thursday.
13 TA BLE: ARGENTINA RESIDENTIAL INTERNET ACCE SS BY REGION14 indicators:: Buenos Aires, AMBA, Santa Fe, Cordoba, Pata gonia 1, NOA 2, Litoral 3, Mendoza, Centro 4, NEA 5, Total chart: Argentina Residential Broadband Market .
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Vathia Gonia, in the Nicosia district, said in his speech that the government has addressed the water problem in a responsible manner.
The Late Helladic IIIB and IIIC Periods at Korakou and Gonia in the Corinthia" (diss.
Apriso Corporation appoints Mark Gonia, vice president of field operations, Americas; Yves Vergnolle has been promoted to vice president and managing director of EMEA operations and Chris Chung has been named vice president of field operations for the Asia-Pacific region .
A clothing company called Pata- gonia with a child development centre blew my socks off.
Address : Gonia Odon Filellinon Kai Eleytherioy Benizeloy
Mondini, Sara, Jarema, Gonia, Luzzatti, Claudio, Burani, Cristina & Semenza, Carlo.
Tonight Gallery Kypriaki Gonia will present the second solo exhibition by Spyros Agathou under the name Remembrance.
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The Late Hell adic IIIB and IIIC Periods at Korakou and Gonia in the Corinthia" (diss.