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a hypothetical continent that (according to plate tectonic theory) broke up later into India and Australia and Africa and South America and Antarctica

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In late April, groups involved in Gondwana Link, based in the heart of Australia's only global biodiversity hotspot, celebrated the acquisition and launch of three new conservation reserves and the planting of one of the nation's largest and most biodiverse revegetation projects.
As the oceanic crust dived down beneath Gondwana - a process known as subduction - it would have dragged carbon down to the lower mantle, transforming it into graphite and then diamond along the way.
Gondwana has partnered with NamPost to tell the stories behind the postage stamps.
Expression of interest for appointment of architectural firms for planning and design of gondwana tribal museum and research center at nagpur, maharashtra
The Tourist Guides Association of Namibia held its annual general meeting earlier in March at Gondwana Shebeen where the board members for the executive committee were duly nominated and elected.
The Gondwana Collection has added another exclusive camp to its impressive range of lodges and small hotels.
All the Gondwana accommodation establishments which were reassessed after two years scored the highest number of points and were awarded five desert flowers each.
Address : Mm Division, Cmpdi (Hq), Gondwana Place, Kanke Road, Ranchi -834008
From ancient rock engravings to the disparities of farming in the desert, a new book published by Gondwana Collection, tells the story of Twyfelfontein, today the site of an upmarket lodge by the same name close by, but in earlier history, a desolate place where a farmer tried to make a living.
Both Block 1 and Block 2 are believed to contain the remnant of a major Jurassic rift basin that existed in Eastern Gondwana before the breakup of the super continent in Early Cretaceous.
The Gondwana Collection hosted a welcome evening for them in its own she been at the Windhoek head office.
Members of MET, WWF, IRDNC, MCA and the Gondwana Collection, and traditional authorities gathered under a newly-built roof of thatch to officially open the Centre.
The eight year old will campaign for the coalition that includes the Indian Justice Party (IJP), the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) the Gondwana Party and the Republican Party.
The recently floated National Dalit Front comprising of the Indian Justice Party, Lok Janshakti Party Gondwana Party and Republican Party has roped in the eight-year old girl.
Address : Materials Management Department, Cmpdi, Gondwana Place, Kanke Road, Ranchi 834031.