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a member of a formerly tribal people in south central India

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The Gond community, like other adivasi communities, is woven into a symbiotic relationship with the environment.
the Munda, the Ho, the Gonds and Khonds), and also some South Indian tribes like Chenchu, Bhils etc.
The roadside is dotted with tall menhirs, or what the Gonds call 'hero stones' where village elders are buried.
Prakash, 59, and Mandakini Amte, 60, of India won the Community Leadership award for helping millions of the Madia Gonds tribal people in India.
The award recognises the couple's part in "enhancing the capacity of Madia Gonds to adapt positively in today's India, through healing and teaching and other compassionate interventions".
En mai 1791, Moreau de SaintMery ayant propose que l'Assemblee constituante declare qu'elle ne se prononcera pas sur l'etat des esclaves des colonies, l'incorruptible Robespierre sort de ses gonds pour affirmer:
The beaters advanced, a parade of lunatics, aboriginal black Gonds and Baigas carrying iron axes, cooing and hooting like doves on amphetamines.
En 1917, c'est encore le patriotisme qui fait sortir Lalande de ses gonds, a propos d'une querelle qui implique la France.
If the results of tooth size apportionment analysis of the Andhra Pradesh samples are applied to the groups included in the present analysis, Marathas and Mahars will predictably be most similar in dental morphology, while the Gonds should be divergent from these Hindu castes.
Gell's masterly analysis of the centrality of vertigo in the religious conceptions and experience of the Muria Gonds of India provides only one example (Gell 1980).
The case studies presented are on the Wadis of Bombay, the Gonds, Kols, Gujjars of Himachal Pradesh, the Mundas, Oraons and Santals of Central India.
Pour d'autres, l'illusion de l'eau leur fait sortie de leurs gonds.
Et c'est Djokovic qui sortait de ses gonds en mettant sa raquette en pieces.
Since they ventured late into agriculture, Gonds lack knowledge of irrigation and other productive techniques.
Mido (Barnsley, D2 anglaise) sort de ses gonds et tacle en position de dernier defenseur l'ancien coach du Zamalek, Hassan Shehata, et le president du club, Mamdouh Abbas.