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a member of a formerly tribal people in south central India

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Gond says the restaurant, located in Petlawad town in Madhya Pradesh state, was full of people having breakfast when the blasts occurred, saying around 35 other people were hospitalized with injuries.
The Gond tribals are is one of central India's largest indigenous communities and their art is an expression of their everyday quest for life," added Aliza, one of the students taking part in IndEX.
Kamla travels around her hamlet with the objective of sharing tales of rich Gond culture highlighting the importance of women in an adivasi community that seems to have lost its way in the years of conflict and underdevelopment.
Every business I ever started was less than $1,000 and in some cases under $500," says Scott Gerber, Young Entrepreneur Gond founder.
An African writer is no gond unless and until they have been acknowledged by the West.
To be held for three consecutive days from May 1, this year's festivity will be a distinctive experience for those who gather at the Marah Land Festival Village, with the presence of two legendary women from India -- Shabna Azmi, the renowned actor-turned social worker and multifaceted personality, as the chief guest, and Daya Bhai, the Guardian Angel of Gond tribals from Madhya Pradesh as the guest of honour.
Nagpur city's foundation was laid by the Gond King of Deogad, "Bakht Buland Shah" in the year 1702.
de; Jeremy Moon, Nahee Kang & Jean-Pascal Gond, Corporate Social Responsibility and Government in Western Europe and Northeast Asia from a National Governance Systems Perspective, 3-4 (ICCSR Res.
Featured will be several exceptional works by central India's Gond artists whose art resonates with a culturally distinctive ethos and draws inspiration from myths and legends and images of daily life.
The tribes that have been traditionally using gulvel include Garo from Bangladesh (Mia 2009) and Gond, Tagin, Korkus and Baiga from different areas in India (Tambekar 2009, Acharya 2011, Goswami 2009, Sinha 2004).
Filled with poetry, music, nonsense, and brightly etched illustrations in the Gond tradition, "The Churki-Burki book of Rhyme" describes daily activities such as gathering corn, driving off jackals and parrots from the corn fields, going fishing, gathering wood, and playing outdoors.
In Ghangche district, only Peon and Gharbochung power houses are working while Balay Gond, Dumsum and Thally Phase-1 and 2 are not functioning well due to damage of channels.
He said, "For dumping the solid waste of the city, there are two official landfill sites at Deh Gond Pass and Deh Jam Sakro, but they are not properly managed.
Intricate paintings by Gond tribesmen -- reminiscent of Australian aboriginal art -- also reflect the trend, showing bird-shaped planes and the Ambassador car, a boxy derivative of a 1950s British model which dominated Indian roads for decades until its free market reforms of 1991.
They also examine how these spheres interact with dominant society, drawing on examples from such peoples as the Lakota and Wampanoag in the United States, the Warli and Gond in India, the Maori in New Zealand, and Mayan-descent and Zapotecas people in Mexico.