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any of several fat-soluble organic compounds having as a basis 17 carbon atoms in four rings

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Because changes in body composition may progress over time, greater changes might have been seen at higher testosterone and estradiol levels if gonadal steroids had been suppressed over a longer period," the investigators noted.
Indeed, as elegantly reviewed by Witt (2007), there is compelling animal and human evidence that sex and gonadal steroids influence multiple aspects of alcohol drinking and alcohol-seeking behaviors.
Elucidating the roles and interaction of carcinogens with gonadal steroids and their receptors and target tissues is critical to a tidier understanding of carcinogenesis.
It then discusses whether alcohol-induced changes in stress hormones and in gonadal steroid hormones such as estrogen and testosterone are sufficient to trigger the observed defects in immune response and to explain gender differences in alcohol-induced immune suppression.
In addition, GnRH may have effects on immune function around the time of puberty that are not mediated by gonadal steroids.
This collection of 18 extended articles focuses on specific issues, including techniques and events leading to a fertilizable oocyte, physiological functions of gonadotropins, functions and patterns of change in gonadal steroids, vitellogenesis, follicular steroidogenesis, hormonally derived sex pheromones, reproductive physiology in viviparous teleosts, mating systems, reproductive strategies, cost-benefit comparisons in energy investments, reproductive behavior in shoaling fish, parental care and predator risk, the impact of environmental factors on fish endocrinology, shark reproductive ecology, estrogen pathways, molecular markers of androgen disruption, concerns about the effects of aquaculture, and fish reproduction within cultivation of cold water marine species.
Currently, treatment options have been surgical therapy (D & C) or medical therapy with gonadal steroids, estrogen alone, progestins alone, or a combination estrogen-progestin formulation, Dr.
Differential behavioral effects of gonadal steroids in women with and in those without premenstrual syndrome.
Continuous administration of exogenous LHRH or its agonists such as triptorelin leads to a rapid desensitization of its pituitary receptor resulting in a paradoxical effect that translates into the suppression of gonadal steroids such as testosterone and estradiol.
Variations in plasma prolactin, thyroid hormones, gonadal steroids and growth hormone in turkeys during the induction of egg laying and molt by different photoperiods.
Since gonadal steroids and detoxification capacity both influence a wide range of health conditions, the association between 25(OH)D and these health conditions may be spurious.
Then puberty occurs, and serotonin systems are activated by female gonadal steroids.
It's well known that gonadal steroids have robust effects on the neuromodulatory system, and they have been implicated in mood and anxiety disorders in menopausal women.
The effects of liver disease on the metabolism of gonadal steroids and circulating levels of gonadal steroids also are important to understanding alcohol-induced hypogonadism (Lieber 1994).