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a city in northern Mexico to the west of Monterrey

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Philips Displays announced today the introduction of the 34" Real Flat cathode ray tube (CRT) color picture tube in its new state of the art manufacturing facilities in Gomez Palacio, Mexico.
Since the beginning of this year, 15 prisoners have been killed in fights at the Gomez Palacio jail.
Isidro Nunez Camargo, an officer for the (Confederacion Nacional Campesina, CNC) in Gomez Palacio, Durango state, said special assistance promised by the federal government has failed to materialize.
Prosecutors said the prison-based hit squad was suspected of being behind the July 18 attack on a party in the northern city of Torreon, which is near Gomez Palacio.
It's a celebration, actually, to say, we know that you are in a better place,'' said Palmdale resident Magdalena ``Maggie'' Ramirez, who as a girl took part in Dia de los Muertos in her hometown of Gomez Palacio in the Mexican state of Durango.
Samples were assayed at Laboratorio Industrial Metalurgico in Gomez Palacio, Durango state, Mexico and at Mina de San Luis in Durango, state of Durango, Mexico.
Local elected officials have placed numerous calls to politicians in Gomez Palacio attempting to get to the bottom of what happened and have not been extended much courtesy.
In a press statement on July 28, PRD leader Jesus Ortega called on the special elections investigative agency (Fiscalia Especializada para la Atencion de Delitos Electorales) to investigate the Durango election and whether inmates from the prison in Gomez Palacio were involved.
Milenio promptly broadcast three unedited videos which allegedly showed policemen captured by drug traffickers who describe their links with Zetas, a rival paramilitary group that has been fighting drug cartels for control of the area known as La Laguna - chiefly the cities of Torreon, Gomez Palacio and Ciudad Lerdo.
In another study, Ferreiro and Gomez Palacio (1982) found a second, more advanced type of writing within Level 3 (Figure 3b).
MATERIALS AND METHODS--We conducted fieldwork in Las Piedras Encimadas (25[degrees]38'47"N, 103[degrees]38'40"W, 1,425 m elevation), a 10-km long canyon 25 km NW Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico.
The Gomez Palacio facility will produce a variety of automotive sealing systems -- including dynamic, beltline and glass run seals -- as well as anti-vibration systems, such as bushings, exhaust-hanger systems and center bearings, that are fitted to an automobile's drive and powertrain, chassis and suspension.
The violence broke out around 5 pm Tuesday at a prison in the city of Gomez Palacio when prisoners began to riot and opened fire, officials said.
Based in Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico, Tyson will own 95 percent of the common stock of Tyson de Mexico.
All the victims were inmates at the prison that is located in the town of Gomez Palacio.