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a city in eastern Congo at the northern end of Lake Kivu near the border with Rwanda

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Para ello Goma pretende derivar la esperanza unicamente de la experiencia de inquietante y dramatica finitud de la propia vida, en la que Dios no tiene apenas nada que decir, ya que: "no actua en los hechos individuales de la experiencia, porque ni siquiera rompe una pobre cana cascada" (pp.
Goma had not issued a categorical denial of his involvement in the clash that led to the massacre of the SAF men.
Researchers in Goma noticed Nyiragongo belching gas and shaking the ground more than usual beforehand, but they didn't have the tools or data to confidently predict an eruption.
En su recomendacion sobre el caso emitida el jueves 11, el ombudsman nacional sostiene que identifico balas de goma entre los artefactos recolectados por los pobladores de Chalchihuapan, aunque las desestima como prueba en el caso de la muerte del menor.
I was surprised to learn that Goma is so active on social media--the most connected city in the DRC--and my friend, the journalist Arsene Tungali, who had also introduced me to Bassham Bashonga's work, sent me a PDF of two poems by his father, respected local poet J.
Congo's information minister immediately blamed a Saturday rocket attack that killed three people in Goma on neighboring Rwanda, which has long been accused of supporting the eastern Congolese rebel movement known as M23.
M23 occupied Goma last November for 10 days, but withdrew to begin talks with the DR Congolese government of President Joseph Kabila in Kampala, Uganda.
M23 captured Goma in November before withdrawing under intense international pressure.
El cardenal Isidro Goma Tomas es una de las figuras mas destacadas de la Iglesia espanola en el siglo XX.
Speaking in Goma on Tuesday, M23 president Jean-Marie Runiga said the rebels won't leave the city of 1 million people.
M23 paramilitaries celebrate in the streets after taking Goma.
A rebel group created seven months ago today attacked the strategic provincial capital of Goma, home to more than one million people in eastern Congo, seizing part of the city and the international airport, according to a rebel spokesman, residents and eyewitnesses.
The Bahraini shot Hani Abdulaziz Goma, 32, three times with a pellet gun at a building under construction in Khamis on March 9 last year.
2) estudaram a adicao de diferentes fibras (farelo de trigo, amido resistente e goma Locust bean gum) nos parametros farinograficos e concluiram que ao adicionar qualquer das tres fibras, a absorcao de agua aumentou consideravelmente de 64,50% ate 68.